Landscape and Visual Impact Assessment

ES Landscape Planning has extensive knowledge on the preparation and delivery of Landscape and Visual Impact Assessments or LVIAs. In accordance with our established methodology, which reflects the guidance set out in GLVIA3, we will undertake a comprehensive appraisal of the baseline landscape and visual environment in which the site is set, including a review of published character assessments and landscape related policy; introduce the proposals and any mitigation measures that were identified as being appropriate through the initial design stages; and then undertake a detailed and objective assessment of the likely landscape and visual effects upon the receiving baseline environment.

Our experience at planning appeals ensures that we adopt a robust, “belt and braces” approach to our assessments. We have prepared LVIAs for a whole range of projects from strategic urban extensions (SUEs) to large scale distribution centres to solar farms and wind turbines, which are often located in sensitive landscapes.

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